• Presently, the Computer Centre (CC) of IISER Bhopal provides an institute wide fibre network that connects all the academic, hostels, administrative, and residential buildings to the Computer Centre. Internet access is being provided by 1 Gbps and 620 Mbps dedicated Internet leased circuit through two different Internet service providers.

    CC has hosted in-house services like internal/external DNS, Institute website, web-based automation, centralized authentication mechanism using LDAP/Radius, and personal homepage hosting services for academic staff. The email services are being provided through G Suit. The digital library services with appropriate networking system are being provided access to online library services to various databases with downloading facilities from institute network.

    There are Computer Labs with high-end 215 desktops for UG and PG students on Linux/Windows platform and with all major public domain application software. The Computer Centre equipped with to operate 24x7. It has a power back-up through redundant UPS and DG set.

    The Computer Centre has a Red Hat enterprise Linux cluster of high performance computing system for scientific research. It is the Institute's first High-Performance Computing facility serving the computational needs of several research groups on campus. The iDataPlex racks are liquid-cooled and host 132 compute nodes (2112 processor cores) representing a theoretical peak performance of 44 Teraflops/sec. Each iDataPlex node runs on Intel E5-2670 series CPUs and has at least 64 GB memory. There are 4 high-memory nodes with 192 GB RAM for memory-intensive applications. The nodes are interconnected by 4X QDR InfiniBand network. The cluster has access to 100 TB of storage divided in to a home (NFS) area of 60 TB and a parallel-file system of 40 TB as scratch. With a write through-put of over 2 GB/s this file system provides invaluable I/O speed when running applications.

    Along with this, IISERB is a part of EDUROAM network; it provides the Internet connectivity to IISERB community members, in the campuses of other participating institutions. It is also the part of National Knowledge Network (NKN). NKN encourages and enables the use of specialized applications while allowing sharing of high-performance computing facilities, e-libraries, virtual classrooms and large databases. So that we can share our education, research, health service and library facilities with all other IISERs and research institutions in the country with an access speed of 1 Gbps.