Network Connectivity and Internet

  • Computer Centre provides seamless gigabit network connectivity to the entire campus that connects all the Academic Departments, Hostels, Central Library, Administrative Departments, Lecture Hall Complex, IWD Building and Residences with Tier-2 managed architecture. Internet access is provided by dedicated Internet link of 1 Gbps and 620 Mbps from two different ISPs. IISERB is also a part of EDUROAM network; it provides the Internet connectivity to IISERB community members, in the campuses of other participating institutions.

    National Knowledge Network

    IISER Bhopal is a part of National Knowledge Network (NKN) under which all the national level institutes are connected via the high-speed fiber network. NKN encourages and enables the use of specialized applications; allow sharing of High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities, e-libraries, virtual classrooms, and large databases. It provides a platform to share teaching, research, health services and library facilities with all the other IISERs and research institutions in the country.

High-Performance Computing

  • The Institute's Computer Centre is also equipped with high performance computing facility for scientific research. There are two InfiniBand Linux clusters in which Tier-2 data Centre host a 132 compute nodes of infiniband cluster with login and management nodes where each node has 2 Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6 GHz processors with 64GB RAM along with a 100 TB SAS-based storage system that provides compute performance up to 44 T F L O P S . The other infiniband cluster is of 29 nodes where each computing node has dual Intel Xeon X5570 Quadcore@2.93 GHz processors, and the nodes are connected with infiniband interconnect to support more tightly coupled parallel applications.

Computer Labs

  • CC has populated 110 Desktop machines (i7 Gen 6 Processor, 8 GB DDR4, 500 GB HDD) with Windows and Linux OS. CC provides computer lab facility for UG and PG students based on Linux/Windows platform with application softwares. Currently, the lab facility is used for programming based classes and workshops. When classes/workshops are not scheduled, it is available to students for assignments and projects. The lab facility is also used for conducting academic and administrative exams.

In-house Deployed Services

  • CC is running all the essential services in-house like maintenance and development of Institute Website, internal/external DNS, web-based automation, centralized authentication using LDAP/Radius, separate DHCP services for each building, campus Wi-Fi, storage, campus telephone services, online automation services, virtual resource allotment, internal cloud storage for different level of users, personal homepage hosting services for academic staff and SSL-VPN for each user of IISER Bhopal. CC has internal online service request and complaint system; the user can file online service requests and complaints and subsequently track their status.

    Computer Centre recently developed and launched the new websites of Institute, different departments and functionaries.

Online Library

  • Online Library service with access to various databases is provided through the Institute network. CC offers SSL-VPN facility to all the users of IISER Bhopal for remote access to library services and other online Institute resources from anywhere in the world.

Office Automation

  • CC is also maintaining and developing campus automation system that caters the daily need of Institute's academic and administrative functions.


  • Computer Centre provides email account facility to faculty, staff, students, visiting faculty and temporary staff.

    Our campus email services hosted with 30 GB content storage space for each user of IISERB. One can access his/her email, calendar, address book, and tasks on any computer through a web browser.

Telephone Services

  • Computer Centre has deployed campus-wide IP based telephone services that offer all the general phone features with extra facilities like directory access, conference call, etc. CC also manages Telephone e-Billing System which generates/calculates the bills.

  • Allotment of Telephone number and equipment.
  • Configuration, Deployment and Management of Telephone set.
  • Configuration and Management of IP Telephony Exchange.
  • Manuals for telephone instruments, model no. 6921, 6945 and 9971

Hardware/Software Infrastructure

  • The major application software for Administration and Academic purpose are available with CC (Mathematica, ChemOffice, Material Studio, Gaussian, Turbomole and other general software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional, and Symantec Endpoint etc.). The users can fill the service request from and download/install the software upon approval.

Conferencing Facility

  • CC also provides video/audio conferencing facility for academic presentations, interviews and administrative meetings.

Technical Support

  • CC is also providing support for procurement, installation and maintenance of IT Equipment and Application Software in all the departments, LHC, Hostels, Residential Area and Administrative Sections. We also provide technical support for establishment and maintenance of Smart Class, Conference Rooms and Board Rooms.

    We also provide consultancy and support to other Govt. institutions (SPA, RGPV, MANIT Bhopal, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya Bhopal, and MP Police Academy).