• “Understanding Science” (In-house Outreach)
    The Outreach Program is our in-house program conducted every year in summer since 2010. Students who are studying in classes IX, X, XI all over India can apply. It provides an apt platform for students who are at the crossroads of choosing a pathway for a particular career. They attend stimulating lectures by our faculty members, get exposure to the state of the art laboratories and hands on experience in working therein besides getting a flavor of campus life. Our efforts are directed at making science interesting and providing young minds a glimpse of contemporary science which enables them to understand the nuances of education and research from a very early age. The main objective of this program is to inculcate in students an aptitude to appreciate the role and contribution of science for the betterment of mankind and society, in general. This year 114 students from all over India participated in the Outreach program held from May 15 – 19, 2017.

    Number of participants in Outreach in the previous years

    State-wise participation in Outreach in the last five years