Event Detail

  • A webinar by Prof. Helen Quinn on National Science Day at 10:00 AM (IST).
    Abstract | Zoom Link

    Date:  Saturday, February 27, 2021

    Venue:  LHC – 5 | Zoom Link

    Title: " Goals For Teaching and Learning Science"

    Abstract of the talk: This talk will present a vision of the learning goals for learning science, particularly for school and undergraduate level science, informed by my work as chair of the National Academy committee asked to define "A Framework for k-12 Science Education" for the United States.  We, the committee, called this vision "three-dimensional science learning". Starting in elementary school, the goal should be student ability to engage in the practices of science (dimension 1. Science and Engineering practices), to use the conceptual tools that scientists and engineers use (dimension 2. crosscutting concepts), and to apply the science ideas they are learning (dimension 3. disciplinary core ideas), to examine previously unexplained phenomena or poorly defined problems, things they meet in the real world. I will talk about how redefining the learning goals requires a rethinking of both the teaching and the testing (assessment) of science learning.

    Brief Biography of the Speaker:

    Prof. Helen Quinn is a particle physicist and an educator. Prof. Quinn joined Harvard University as an assistant professor in 1972 and finally joined SLAC as a professor in physics. She has made path-breaking contributions in theoretical particle physics.  Prof. Quinn is not only a renowned physicist, simultaneously she is an educator. She confounded and became the first president of the Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) at SLAC. 

    Prof. Quinn has obtained several awards and prizes for her major contributions that include the Dirac Medal from ICTP. This amazing combination of a passionate physicist and passionate educator makes her truly unique.