Event Detail

  • Refresher Course on Partial Differential Equations and their Applications

    Date:  Monday, Jul 03-15, 2017

    Venue:  TBA

    The Partial Differential Equations (PDE) is a basic topic of research and teaching in mathematics. The abstract theory behind this topic is also most important from the point of view of applications in large number of areas of science and engineering, such as geometry, economics, hydrodynamics, elasticity, general relativity, geometric flows, just to name a few. The main aim of this course is to highlight essence, beauty and importance of PDE (both in mathematics and in areas of applications) as a subject with deep mathematical structures. This course will therefore provide an excellent opportunity to young teachers, researchers and students from various educational institutions of the country to interact and learn important topics on PDE and its applications from some of the experts of this subject.

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