The following presents a set of rules and regulations to be followed by the companies registered with and visiting the Placement Cell of IISER, Bhopal

  • Registration will be mandatory for companies who wish to visit the institute/campus for conducting placement activities.
  • Companies will have to supply the needed information via the Job Notification Form that will be sent to them. The Job Notification Form will entail disclosure of information like Post/Designation, Salary Breakdown, etc.
  • Companies will also have to specify the complete process of placement that is required to be undertaken. Once communicated and mutually consented, the same will have to be adhered to.
  • If any round is being skipped or added, the same will need to be communicated and approved by Placement Cell, so as to properly manage available resources.
  • After the final round of interview gets over at the campus for a particular position, an initial working copy of offer letters of selected students will have to be handed over to the placement cell. This will be to avoid any delay, and to make sure the candidates selected in one company, get some clarity as to whether they need to sit for another higher tier company or not. The same goes for placement cell which will need to decide the list of prospective students for the next company.
  • Placement Cell will be treated as the common contact/communication point for all companies. Communicating directly with students will be advised as avoidable. Offer letters and any other requests will also have to be routed through the placement cell.
  • Joining date for students will have to be communicated to the students and the placement cell, so as to maintain transparency and help placement cell in assisting the students in any administrative formalities specified by the companies.