The following presents a set of rules and regulations to be followed by the students registered with the Placement Cell of IISER, Bhopal

  • Registration is mandatory for the students' who wish to avail services of the placement cell, like appearing for tests / interviews of companies held on-campus, resume writing workshops, mock interviews, etiquette training, etc.
  • Registration will be a one-time activity.
  • Registered students will have to get their academic and any other documented proofs of their abilities and achievements verified via the placement cell. Only the verified details shall be allowed in Master Resume of the student.
  • Placement Cell will be responsible for facilitating grooming activities for students and the placement activities for interested companies. Selection Procedure will be as per the decision of the visiting companies, in all its fairness.
  • Placement Cell shall facilitate off-campus/campus placement activities only for the final year students of all academic programs.
  • Job Description and other details provided by the company shall be shared with the shortlisted students, who will attend the selection procedure based upon their own prerogative.
  • Once a student has consented to appear for the test/interview, the same is advised not to back out unless it's an absolute emergency. Multiple instances of such kind may lead to strict action, including blacklisting from placement activities.
  • As per the profile of visiting company, the relevant resume extracted from master resume of the student shall be sent to the company as well as the student. Student will have to maintain hard copies of the same on his/her own, along with other credentials verifying their achievements.
  • On the day of test/interview/pre-placement-talk, all students are advised to come dressed in formals to present a neat profile.
  • Registered students are strictly prohibited from contacting any company officials on their own. Circumventing the placement cell for a company which is currently in negotiation is not allowed and shall entail strict action.
  • Results will be conveyed to the selected students via phone/email. Follow-up activities advised by the companies will also be communicated, and will have to be followed by the student. Any assistance required will be provided by the placement cell.