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Personal Details

Designation : Assistant Professor Department : Biological Sciences E-Mail : sdatta@iiserb.ac.in Phone : +91 755 269 1419, 669 1419 Fax : +91 755 669 2392

Awards and Fellowships

  • IYBA (Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award) by Department of Biotechnology, India (2014)
  • Ramalingaswami Fellowship by Department of Biotechnology, India (2013). 

  • EMBO Long term Fellowship for post doctoral research (availed in 2010).

  • HFSP Long-term Fellowship (2009)-not availed

  • Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF) for post doctoral studies (2008)

  • University Gold Medal Award in M.Sc. Biotechnology (2003) awarded by the then President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  • CSIR-UGC JRF and NET in Life Sciences (2003)

  • University Gold Medal Award in B.Sc. Botany (2001)

Academic Details

  • 2013 (Oct) Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, IISER, Bhopal

  • 2009-2013 Postdoctoral Marie Curie and EMBO Fellow, University of Oxford, UK

  • 2003-2008 Ph.D., Plant Molecular Biology, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

  • 2001-2003 M.Sc., Biotechnology, Pondicherry Central University, India.

  • 1998-2001 B.Sc., Botany (Honours), Kalyani University, India.


    • Root hairs as a model to study cell growth in plants

    • Root hairs as a tool to improve nutrient assimilation under low nutrient conditions.

    • Symbiotic interactions between root and soil microbes to enhance plant growth and productivity.

    • Role of the B-box family of transcription factors in light signaling in plants


    • Datta, S., Prescott, H., Dolan, L. Intensity of a pulse of RSL4 transcription factor synthesis determines Arabidopsis root hair cell size. Nature Plants (2015) 1:15138
    • Datta S, Kumar RS, Ayyadurai N, Kumar S, Sakthivel N (2004). Polysaccharides of Pseudomonas pathovar strains that infect pea, tomato and soyabean. Curr Microbiol. 49:35-41. (IF-1.51)

    • Datta, S., Hettiarachchi, G.H., Deng, X.W., and Holm, M. (2006). Arabidopsis CONSTANS-LIKE3 is a positive regulator of red light signaling and root growth. Plant Cell 18: 70-84. (IF-10.224)

    • Datta, S., Hettiarachchi, G.H., Johansson, H., and Holm, M. (2007). SALT TOLERANCE HOMOLOG2, a B-box protein in Arabidopsis that activates transcription and positively regulates light-mediated development. Plant Cell 19: 3242-3255. (IF-10.224)

    • Datta, S., Johansson, H., Hettiarachchi, G.H., and Holm, M. (2008). STH2 has 2 B there: An insight into the role of B-box containing proteins in Arabidopsis. Plant Signal Behav 3(8): 547-548. (IF-2.0)

    • Datta, S., Johansson, H., Hettiarachchi, G.H., Irigoyen, M.L., Desai, M., Rubio, V., and Holm, M. (2008). LZF1/SALT TOLERANCE HOMOLOG3, an Arabidopsis B-Box Protein involved in light-dependent development and gene expression, undergoes COP1-mediated ubiquitination. Plant Cell 20: 2324-38. (IF-10.224)

    • Sourav Datta & Chul Min Kim & Monica Pernas & Nuno D. Pires & Hélène Proust & Thomas Tam & Priya Vijayakumar & Liam Dolan (2011) Root hairs: development, growth and evolution at the plant-soil interfacePlant Soil 346:1–14 (IF- 2.733)

    • Gangappa, S.N., Crocco, C.D., Johansson, H., Datta, S., Hettiarachchi, G.H., Holm, M. and Botto, J.F. (2013) The Arabidopsis B-BOX protein BBX25 interacts with HY5, negatively regulating BBX22 expression to suppress seedling photomorphogenesis. Plant Cell 25(4): 1243-57 (IF-10.224)


    • Postdoc

      Dr. Souvika Bakshi


      Neha Upadhyay

      Arpita Yadav

      Yadukrishnan Prem

      Nevedha Ravindran

      Project Assistant

      Nikhil Job

      Jagriti Banerjee


      Minu Nair (5th year)

      Chetanbala Hijam (5th year)

      Positions available

      Candidates interested in plant research should send email to sdatta@iiserb.ac.in with their CV and expression of interest.