S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Indent Form (Indigenous/Imported)
2 Tender Inquiry
3 Two Part Tender Inquiry
4 Check list for Procurement
5 Certificate for Repeat Order
6 Store & Purchase Manual (Brief)
7 Certificate on Purchase of Goods Without Quotation
8 Certificate on Purchase of Goods Without Quotation (Rs.50
9 Certificate on Purchase Committee (Rs.50
10 PO Format Rate Contract
11 Material Transfer Note
12 Vendor Registration form
13 Indent Form (Rate Contract)
14 Rate List HP Cartridge
15 Contact Details Sam Systems
16 Rate Contract
17 Work Order Anil Publicity
18 Annual Rate Contract for procurement of Lab Chemicals / Consumables
19 Circular Purchase of Non Consumables from Authorized dealer
20 Annual Rate Contract for Chemicals/ Consumables and other items of scientific nature
21 Summary of the PO Sanction Proposal
22 Contact Details of Empanel Advertisement Agencies
23 GEM
24 GEM Certificate of Purchase Committee
25 New Rate Contract w.e.f 2017-18
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 End Use Certificate
2 Non-manufactured in India (NMC) Certificate
3 Proprietary Certificate
4 Authorization Customs
5 Authorisation FEDEX
6 Authorisation to collect DO
7 Change of Mode
8 GATT imp DECLARATION form 67
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Receipt of Material
2 Installation Report
3 Recommendation for Advance Payment
4 Satisfactory Service Certificate
5 Requistion and Payment/reimbursement 15k/50k
6 Format for Delivery period Extension
7 Advice for Refund of EMDSD
8 Receipt of Materials for Rate Contract LAB Consumables
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Propriepary Purchase Profroma
2 Certificate when Single Technically Qualified Tender is Recommended
3 Certificate when Single Responsive Tender is Recommended
4 Recommendation and Special Approval for Limited Tender Enquiry