Alumni and International Relations

IISERB Alumni Association

“IISERB-AA”, is an independent Association of the alumni of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (hereinafter referred to as Institute). The Head office of IISERB-AA is located at IISER Bhopal campus.

Objectives of the IISERB-AA

The primary objective of IISERB-AA is to help the Institute carry out its mission and objectives and to protect the interests of the Institute, in general, and in particular, to provide an organization through which the Alumni and the IISER Bhopal are provided with a platform to interact with each other for mutual benefit and benefit of IISERB-AA at large.

  • To provide a forum for the alumni of the Institute.
  • To engage in academic and social activities as shall contribute towards promoting liaison between the alumni and the Institute.
  • To further promote Science and Technology.
  • To keep alive love, spirit, affection, and gratitude for the Institute.
  • To function on a charitable basis for the benefit of students and alumni, and to run the Association on a ‘no profit no loss’ basis.
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