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  • Chairperson [Ref: Section 14 (a) of NITSER Act, 2007.]
  • Director, IISER Bhopal (ex-officio)
  • Members [Ref: Section 14 (b) of NITSER Act, 2007]
  • Dy. Director, IISER Bhopal (ex-officio)
  • Professors: [Ref: Section 14 (c) of NITSER Act, 2007]
  • Prof. Saptarshi Mukherjee
    Department of Chemistry
  • Prof. Raghuvir Singh Tomar
    Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor Sangit Kumar
    Department of Chemistry
  • Prof. Sanjit Konar
    Department of Chemistry
  • Prof. Prasanta Ghorai
    Department of Chemistry
  • Prof. J Sankar
    Department of Chemistry
  • D S Rana
    Department of Physics
  • Chairperson Nominee: [Ref: Section 14 (d) of NITSER Act, 2007]
  • Dr. Sheuli Mitra
    Dean, Academic Affairs & Associate Professor
    Department of Planning, SPA, Bhopal
  • Dr. Vinita Mohindra
    Associate Professor
    Department of Humanities MANIT, Bhopal
  • Prof. R Murugavel
    IIT Bombay
  • Heads of the Departments and Chairs [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (a)]
    Department of Physics Department of Chemistry
    Department of Biological Sciences Department of Mathematics
    Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Head, Department of Chemical Engineering
    Coordinator, Department of Chemical Engineering
    Head, Department of Chemical Engineering
    Coordinator, Department of Chemical Engineering
    Department of Electrical Engg. & Computer Science
    Head, Department of Economic Sciences
    Coordinator, Department of Economic Sciences
    Head, Department of HSS
    Coordinator, Department of HSS
    Computer Centre Coordinator, CREST
    Coordinator, CREATES
  • Deans / Associate Dean [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (b)]
    Dean, Academic Affairs Dean, Faculty Affairs
    Dean, Research & Development Dean, Students’ Affairs
    Dean, Alumni & International Relations Associate Dean, Students’ Affairs
    Dean, Planning, Strategy and Development
  • Librarian / Dy. Librarian: [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (c)]
  • Dr. S K Pathak
    Dy. Librarian
  • Warden: [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (d)]
  • Warden, Girls’ Hostel-I
  • Academic Staff [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (e)]
    Convener, DPGC, Physics Convener, DPGC, Chemistry
    Convener, DPGC, Mathematics Convener, DPGC, EES
    Convener, DPGC, Biological Sciences Convener, DPGC, Electrical Engg. & Computer Science
  • Two student representatives (Special invitees): [Ref: Statute No. 7 (1) (f)]
  • Shri Amit Kumar Singh
    (Student nominee & Special Invitee)
  • Ms. Upasana Sasidharan
    (Student nominee & Special Invitee)
  • Permanent Special Invitees:(All DPGC / DUGC Conveners/JAC Representatives)
    Convener, DPGC, CHE Convener, DPGC, Economic Sciences
    Convener, DPGC, HSS Convener, DUGC, Physics
    Convener, DUGC, Chemistry Convener, DUGC, Mathematics
    Convener, DUGC, Biological Sciences Convener, DUGC, EES
    Convener, DUGC, Economic Sciences Convener, DUGC, Electrical Engg. & Computer Science
    Convener, DUGC, CHE Convener, DUGC, HSS
    JAC Chairperson / Members
  • Visiting Professors
  • Professor Subhash Chaturvedi
    Visiting Professor, Physics
  • Professor Kankan Bhattacharya
    Visiting Professor, Chemistry
  • Prof. Vishvakarma Singh
    Visiting Professor, Chemistry
  • Prof. Srinivas Viladkar
    Visiting Professor, EES
  • Professor Akhil Ranjan
    Visiting Professor, Mathematics
  • Dr. Sumeet Agarwal
    Guest Faculty, EECS
  • Prof. S K Tandon
    Visiting Professor, EES
  • Adjunct Professors
  • Prof. Ashoke Sen
    Adjunct Professor, Physics
  • Prof. N Mukunda
    Adjunct Professor, Physics
  • Prof. Sumathi Rao
    Adjunct Professor, Physics
  • Professor Biman Bagchi
    Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
  • Dr. Srinivasan Parthiban
    Adjunct Faculty, EECS
  • Professor S. Thangavelu
    Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
  • Professor M. Ram Murty
    Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
  • Prof. Dipendra Prasad
    Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
  • Prof. Amrita Dhillon
    Adjunct Professor, Economic Sciences
  • Prof. Meenakshi Raman
    Adjunct Professor, HSS
  • Other Special Invitees
  • Dr. Amjad Hussain
    Principal Scientist In-charge, Center for Science and Society
    IISER Bhopal
  • Registrar & Secretary to the Senate : [Ref: Section 18 (4) of NITSER Act, 2007]
  • Shri K V Satya Murty