Women Welfare Committee (WWC)


Women Welfare Committee is a platform that will provide all women community members the opportunity to express their concerns related to the betterment of the community/Institute with issues concerning the welfare of women, in particular.
WWC will address and take care of welfare programmes and other concerns related to women students, faculty and staff members. WWC will:

  • Work towards bringing the requirements of women on campus to the notice of authority
  • Initiate special programmes such as “Friend in Distress” to advise on available courses of action to any woman on campus who may be in distress. If the woman so chooses, the committee may facilitate access to appropriate doctors, counsellors, legal cell and/or the Presiding Officer, ICC
  • Arrange for Women's Healthcare/Cancer Prevention Camp
  • Arrange for programs for basic education for field women employees
  • Arrange for programs for financial empowerment of women
  • Organise yearly stall with handcraft/food stall
  • Arrange for meditation/Yoga/Activity/Art classes (given by women for women)
  • Help each other as a community if required in challenging times