s.No Name/Desjgnati9n of the Members Convenor/Member Contact Number  
1. Dr. Jeet Kalia, Dean, Students' Affairs Chairperson +91 7582960878
2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Associate DoSA, Chairperson-CoW Vice-Chairperson +91 7389491139
3. Dr. SK Pathak, Warden-in-charge , HAWK (Hostel-1) Member +91 9009093350
4. Dr. Anupama Mukherjee, Warden-in-charge, EAGLE (Hostel-2) Member +91 9831962920
5. Dr. Paramita Das, Warden-in-charge, SILVER BILL (Hostel-3) Member +91 9582350263
6. Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Warden-in-charge , CRANE (Hostel-S) Member +91 7974975701
7. Dr. Akshay Modi , Warden-in-charge, SWAN (Hostel-6) Member +91 9769397398
  Dr. Sankar Chakma, Warden-in-charge, SUNBIRD (Hostel-7) Member +91 801 115 3037
10. President-SAC Member +91 9400213812
11.   Asst. Registrar/ Superintendent Member-Secretary + 919935714133, 8902689786
12. Squad Members-Special Invitees Member(s)  
  Dr. Himanshu Kumar- Professor & Sports Faculty Adviser Member +91 888 9810657
Dr. Nagarjun Vijay, Asst. Professor Member +91 9481308952
  Mr. Gaurav Shukla, ASO Member +917389916627
13. Boys Hostel Caretakers: Member(s)  
  Mr. Sunil Tiwari   +91 975 562 1308
  Mr. Dharmendra Vishwakarma   +91 909 840 0375
  Mr. Deepesh Jatav     +91 957 544 2878
14. Girls Hostel Caretakers: Member(s)  
  Ms. Lata Dhankani   +91 990 720 8720
  Ms. Mamta Tilwani   +91 917 904 1413
  Ms. Ritu Tiwari    +91 831 981 7144

Anti Ragging Complaint Form

Anti Ragging Undertaking By Students And Parents/Guardians

Anti Ragging Rules

  • The following is a description of what constitutes ragging as per the Raghavan Committee recommendation to the Supreme Court: Ragging is as any act which violates the dignity of the individual student or is perceived to violate his/her dignity. Ragging is a cognizable, non-bailable, non compoundable offence with punishment ranging from one year imprisonment and fine upto 7 years rigorous imprisonment and fine.

    Broadly ragging can be categorized in the following way for which various term of punishment are prescribed

    • Verbal: Where senior causes mental harassment, discomfort for the junior by forcing him/her to answer unacceptable/ personal questions, dance, sing etc is said to rag the junior. It also includes within its ambit cyber ragging. Punishment: 1 year imprisonment or fine or both.
    • Severe Verbal Ragging: Where the mental harassment, discomfort is to such an act as forces the junior to withdraw from the college. Punishment: 7 year imprisonment with fine.
    • Physical: Any act by the senior towards the junior which in icts bodily injury on the junior, like beating the junior, hitting him/her with objects etc. Punishment: 7 year imprisonment with fine.
    • Sexual Ragging: Where the senior asks the junior to do an act which damages sexual dignity of the junior. Punishment: 7 year rigorous imprisonment and fine.

Penalty For Ragging (Institute Level)

  • For further information, please read attached document on AICTE regulations Antiragging Committee And SQUAD

  • Expulsion from the educational institution, if found guilty on inquiry by the Institution against a complaint lodged by any other student.
  • Any student convicted with imprisonment shall be dismissed from the educational institution in which he/she has been prosecuting his studies for the time being and shall not be readmitted to that educational institution.