Estate Office

Shops & Commercial Establishments Management Committee (SCEMC)

1 Director’s Nominee - Dr. Jeet Kalia, Dept. of Biological Sciences Chairperson
2 Dean, Academic Affairs Ex-Officio Member
3 Dean, Students’ Affairs Ex-Officio Member
4 Dr. Sunando Datta, Dept. of Biological Sciences Member
5 Dr. Rati Sharma, Dept. of Chemistry Member
6 DR (F&A) Ex-Officio Member
7 ASO Cum Transport Manager/I/c Security Wing Ex-Officio Member
8 Estate Officer Member-Secretary
Co-opted Members
1 Sports Faculty In-charge Member
2 President, Students Activity Council Member-Student*
3 Secretary, Students Activity Council Member-Student*
* For the matters related to the student amenities