Central Library

About Library

Welcome to Central Library, IISER Bhopal a very special place in the IISER Campus with its rich collection of books and journals in the field of Basic Sciences and related areas. Currently houses around 10,000 books, comprises of collection includes textbooks for the BS-MS and Ph.D curriculum in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Humanities and Social Sciences. Library collection also includes documents in Computer Science, History of Science, light reading materials, Fictions, Stories, General books, Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries, Magazines etc. Research books & Monographs are also included in the collection for labs & research purpose. EBSCO Discovery Service @ IISERB Library

Library is committeed to providing widest possible access to information and this commitment is reflected in the range of services provided by it. Library website is linked to various online databases that are available from any networked PC within the library and the Institute. The Library spares no efforts to fulfill its mission by selecting, acquiring, organizing, reserving, maintaining, and providing access to a collection of materials and electronic resources that address the needs of the academic community.

On-line access to full text as well as bibliographic databases are being subscribed to facilitate research & teaching. Plans for library expansion includes subscription to all major scientific research journals as well as e-books, e-journals & bibliographic databases etc. Library operations are automated using KOHA Library Management Software. Central Library is now fully automated with all posible modern facilities. Web-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is accessible at URL: http://webopac.iiserb.ac.in/

Library Services: At present, the Library offers services as Lending facility; Claims/Reservations; Renewals; Reading Room; Inter Library Loan; Document Delivery Services; SDI Services; CAS Services; Library website; Reprography Services; Orientation Program etc. In addition to the services mentined above, the Library has started various Lib 2.0 initiatives in order to overcome the space and time constraints faced by all Libraries when offering traditional services. The Library organizes various training programs / informative sessions for e-resources and also for print resources.