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Rules & Guidelines

  • Institute Funds
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    English | Hindi
    1 All Types of Institute Fund
    2 Institute Endowment Fund Management Guidelines
    3 Institute Endowment Fund Management Committee
  • Manuals
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    English | Hindi
    1 General Financial Rules -2017
    2 Delegation of Power Revised 2015
    3 Internal Audit Manual
  • Income Tax
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    English | Hindi
    1 Institute PAN/TAN Details
    2 Income Tax on Salaries FY 2020-21
    3 Notification Income Tax Exemption
    4 Income Tax slab & Deductions under Chapter VI A of Income Tax Act
    5 Income Tax/Service Tax Exemption Notification
    6 TDS-TCS Rate Chart
    7 Tax Planning of the salaried employee
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
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    English | Hindi
    1 GST Registration Certificate
    2 Notification regarding Liability to deduct TDS under GST
    3 Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    4 GST Registration Detail
    5 Notification

    6 Revised tax rates on GST
    Annexures Flag B to E

    7 IISERB GST Compliance
  • Claims/Reimbursement
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    English | Hindi
    1 Cumulative Professional-Development-Allowance-CPDA
    2 Medical
    3 Children Education Allowance
    4 Telephone Bill Reimbursement
    5 TA Guidelines
    Travelling Allowance (TA)
    Guidelines Regarding Air Travel and Booking of Flight Tickets.

    6 DA Rate for Abroad
    7 DOPT OM Dated 20 June 2019
    LTC Availing Circular Guidelines
    LTC Circular Procedure For Booking of Air Tickets

  • Bank
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    1 Details of All Bank Accounts
    2 RTGS/NEFT details A/c Wise:
    a. Institute Main Account SBI (GIA)
    b. Institute Main Account Canara (for HEFA)
    c. Designated Endowment Account
    d. Fees Collection & Receipt Account
    e. R&D SBI Current Bank Account
    f. R&D SBI Savings Bank Account

    3 Delegation of Powers (Cheque Signing Authority Order)
    4 Payment through SBI collect
    5 Online Payment Link
  • GSLI
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    1 GSLI guidelines
  • PPT
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    English | Hindi
    1 Compilation of F&A Guidelines Office Orders & Forms
  • Miscellaneous/Others
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    English | Hindi
    1 CVC Guidelines
    2 Service Tax
    3 Banking & Cheque Signing Authority
    4 Recognition, Classification and Record Keeping of Fixed Assets