If you are being harassed, this is what you can do

  • Don't feel a sense of shame. Tell the harasser very clearly that you find his behavior offensive.
  • Don't ignore the harassment in the hope that it will stop on its own. Come forward and complain.
  • Talk to somebody you trust about the harassment. It will not only give you strength but also help others in similar situations to come forward and complain.
  • Keep a record of all incidents of sexual harassment in a notebook. If you feel the need to register a formal complaint later, this record will be helpful.

The Role of the Complaint Cell

  • To act as inquiry authority on a complaint of sexual harassment.
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated against because of their complaint.
  • To take proactive measures towards sensitization of the staff, students and faculty members of the Institute on gender issues.