Last updated on: 19 August, 2021 4:59 PM

Terms and Conditions for submission of external samples:

  • Samples should be sent along with the duly filled & signed Requisition Form in envelopes with the facility name and experiment super scribed on the envelope.
  • Payment should be made online in advance and ONLY through SBI collect, and Receipt having transaction ID should be enclosed with the samples sent.
  • The expected time of results can range from two weeks to a month (downtime of instruments due to any technical reason shall be excluded while calculating the aforementioned duration. In case of such delays there will be no financial implications on IISERB).
  • Samples without payment receipt (generated through SBI collect) will not be run/analysed.
  • IISER Bhopal will not send samples back after sample run/analysis through post. No acknowledgement of receipt of sample will be sent.
  • IISERB will send an invoice by post once a month (second week of every month).
  • IISERB reserves the right to accept /reject the samples received, or to analyze any particular samples on priority basis. For samples that are not run/analysed, money will be refunded.

Instructions for payment of CIF sample charges (external) through SBIcollect