Central Instrumentation Facility

Single Crystal XRD

Single crystal X-ray Diffractometer (3-circle) having low temperature facility (Nitrogen cryogenics) for the determination of the crystal structure of compounds which are solids at room temperature. The second SC-XRD machine in the facility (D8 Venture) has Dual X-ray source, where two type of x-ray sources having micro focus x-ray diffraction property is present, Copper source for protein crystal and crystal with bigger unit cell while molybdenum for metal crystal and small unit cell containing crystal. Both x-ray tubes are air cooled and hence highly economical.Rotating anode present in the source provides highest intensities for line, spot and micro focus application. The detector (Photon 100) works on complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology to give higher sensitivity. The detector works at -150celsius by air cooling system. The goniometer – D8 Venture provide 2 theta , omega, phi and kappa rotation during data collection. The software is an advanced version of apex 2 in which cryo system camera system is in built and helps to work through one window. If required, temperature of 100 K can be maintained on the crystal during data collection. Due to this anisotropic displacement parameter of the crystal is decreased.

Powder XRD

PANalytical Empyrean XRD is a multi-purpose research X-ray diffractometer. It is unique in its ability to measure sample (powders and thin films) on a single instrument without compromising data quality. This instrument can be switched between application setups in a fast and cost-effective way using PreFIX concept, with no system realignment, and no compromise on the quality of diffraction data.

Dr. Joyanta Choudhury

Instrument In-charge (Single Crystal XRD)

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Dr. Ravi Prakash Singh

Instrument In-charge (Powder XRD)

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Dr. Atul Kumar

Instrument In-charge (Protein XRD)

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Mr. Om Prakash Patel

Junior Technical Assistant

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Mr. Manoj Prajapat

Junior Technical Assistant

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Mr. Lalit Mohan Jha

Junior Technical Assistant

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The protein X-ray diffractometer is equipped with high brilliance home source, MAR image plate and Oxford Cryo system. Crystallization incubators (RUMED) with grease applicator system are currently functioning at the ITI campus.X-ray source: Gen-RUH3RHB (High Brilliance) Rotating Anode (Copper) Generator with Osmic Maxflux Confocal Multilayer mirrors.Detector: mar345 Imaging Plate X-ray Data Collection System.Low Temperature Data collection: Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream Cooler, 700 series.